This week, Cydelle explores more on the customer journey, referencing her experiences sourcing a VA for her own business. 

Business owners often seek out additional support outside of regular business hours. At that point they go looking for you. Are you certain that these potential clients are going to be able to contact you, understand what it is that you do, or even find you at all?

From irrelevant information to oversharing and broken links to missing contact details, Cydelle walks us through some of the key gaps that can result in VAs leaking clients and ultimately, leaving money on the table. Have your to-do list or digital project management tool at the ready as we dig deeper into ensuring those fundamental tasks in our own businesses are in order, to show potential clients that we can in turn, manage theirs.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why you need to be crystal clear on your service offering and be sure that you’re clearly articulating them with potential clients

  • The importance of sharing how you can solve your ideal client’s problem, rather than your life story

  • How automation plays a role in ensuring you’re prepared for discovery calls, which can directly lead to getting clients booked and banked with ease

  • How to set expectations and boundaries with a client before you even virtually meet them

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