This episode, Cydelle is exploring how you can begin to build your portfolio of testimonials.

Often, aspiring and emerging Virtual Assistants are unsure how to go about building their reputation and social proof bank to help attract new clients. Cydelle shares some tips on how to utilise the experience and tap into the connections that VAs already have, rather than offering to work for free.

Cydelle shares her insightful experience of building a portfolio of quality testimonials, including a copy, tweak and paste script that you can use in your own business to grab those quality testimonials! Don’t miss it.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why working for free is not a viable method to gain testimonials
  • Practical guidance on how to pitch for testimonials
  • How to get when you haven’t secured that all important first client yet
  • Why ideal clients are the best providers of testimonials and feedback

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