This episode, Cydelle shares her story about how she left her successful EA career in the banking industry, to become a full time Virtual Assistant. 

Though she was living the corporate dream, Cydelle found herself uninspired and dissatisfied with being unable to show up as her authentic self. By 2009, she began to wonder how she could transfer her extensive business support skills to do something more aligned with her values. After performing as a Spoken Word Artist, Cyd saw the potential for support that other artists may need to pursue their passions and her niche was born.

During this episode, you will hear the strategies that Cyd employed to make the transition from EA to VA, and discover why it wasn't an overnight jump from one career path to another, but rather careful consideration of how fulfillment could be achieved with all the tools that Cydelle already had in her armoury. 

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How Cydelle went from high-achieving EA employee, to self-employed, sustained VA
  • The specific strategy that can give you a concrete tool to prepare for changing career
  • The learning curve required to run your own VA business, and why it’s more than just service provision
  • How much money you should aim to have as a financial cushion, before embarking on being a full time VA
  • Why other people’s opinions don’t matter

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