In this episode, Cydelle is joined by Digital Consultant and Founder of Quantum Consultancy Services, Martin Riley.

Martin knew for a really long time that he wanted to be freelance and after making the switch from 9-to-5, to entrepreneurship, Martin now works with other small business owners to create strong foundations in their technology and to provide them with a one-stop-shop for the digital tools needed to thrive in the online space.

Using his many years of experience, Martin imparts gems of wisdom in this episode, around cyber security and exactly what VAs need to know when it comes to protecting their business, their tech and their data.

This Cyber Security for VAs episode is going to help you build a great foundation on what you need to know about cyber safety and security, so grab your favourite note-taking tool and let’s dive in.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How you can leverage technology for success in your business
  • What measures you can put in place to prevent disasters around data storage for your online business
  • Digital tools available to sup​​port business growth while keeping you and your clients safe
  • Why disaster recovery and business continuity plans are not just for large corporations and why they should be included in your business strategy


Martin has very generously offered a 50% discount for a Cyber Security Assessment for the first 10 Virtual Duality listeners who make a booking. This consultation will assess the security of the computer you use for your day-to-day work. During this consultation, Martin will review cloud storage, backup strategy, security software and on-going support.

To claim the offer, simply use the code coupon code: ONIT during the booking process.

Connect with Martin on his Website, IG @QCSProfessional, Facebook or on LinkedIn

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