027: From VA to VA Hirer

In this episode, Online Business Manager Gemma hosts a takeover and is joined by Cydelle on the other side of the table.

Speaking about transitioning from VA to VA Hirer, Gemma presses Cydelle for the motivations behind her transition from Virtual Assistant to Consultant and what that meant for her business, Onit Communications.

Cydelle shares some really key insights into the mind of a VA Hirer, including key qualities that she looks for in prospective Virtual Assistants, and also, what requirements she had of the partnership between her and her VA in order for her to feel comfortable handing over some key elements of her business.

This is a great chance to get inside the mind of a VA Hirer who understands the VA world. Don’t miss it!


What you will learn in this episode:

  • Organically transitioning within your business, while still achieving high results
  • Some of the key qualities VA Hirer’s seek in order to have a successful working relationship
  • Top tips for helping clients to transition from solopreneur to working with Business Support Professionals
  • Why successful processes in a business breed excellent habits throughout the team


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