In this episode, Cydelle is joined by two more members of the Onit! Communications team, Jo Mower and Laura Mitchell. This episode is part of our VA Diaries series where we dig into the careers of Virtual Assistants who have made the transition from employed, business support roles to the heady heights of self-employment as a VA and explore how they found themselves in the online space.

Jo Mower, a Virtual Assistant, has been working with VA Agency Onit! Communications for a number of years as a client-facing Associate Virtual Assistant. Jo started her VA career with a variety of associate roles, gaining the knowledge and confidence to build her own business and now has her own team of associates.

Laura Mitchell specialises as a Tech VA and Business Consultant, working with small business owners to put systems and structure in place. Laura started her business during the first lockdown of the Coronavirus pandemic and has seen her business go from strength to strength.

This episode is a great insight into two different approaches to starting out in the world of a VA, through the eyes of those who are living, breathing and smashing it!


What you will learn in this episode:

  • Having a niche doesn’t lock you down to only one type of task
  • Why the option of starting as an associate VA can help grow your knowledge and confidence
  • Ways in which you can grow your own VA business to develop a great work life balance
  • Why building relationships with clients and other VAs will support profit growth
  • How everything you do is an advertisement for your own business

Connect with Jo on her Facebook or on IG @mrs_jo_m_va

Connect with Laura on her Facebook or on IG

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