In this episode, Cydelle is joined by Co-Founder of Niche on Demand, Consultant, Executive Producer and Board Trustee, Zena Tuitt.

Zena, a former PA herself, is a change agent with more than 20 years creative business experience spanning professional services, financial services, publishing, television, film and theatre.

Cydelle explores Zena’s experiences of hiring a Virtual Assistant for her business, an essential commodity that Zena says she now could not live without!  This is a fascinating opportunity to get inside the mind of a VA hirer - who also has life experience of working within Business Support - to hear first-hand exactly what a VA hirer is seeking and what you, as a potential VA hire, can do to stand out to win clients.


What you will learn in this episode:

  • How communication can cultivate a successful Client/Virtual Assistant relationship
  • Why a VA is a strategic business partner rooted in skill and knowledge transfer, not hierarchical
  • How to use your own business model as a portfolio
  • Why managing expectations enhances a great Client/VA working relationship
  • Why industry knowledge is not as important as you may think

Zena has very generously offered listeners of our podcast career coaching. For more information, book a
Discovery Call and be sure to mention the Virtual Duality Podcast. 

Connect with Zena on her Website or on LinkedIn

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