In this episode, Cydelle is joined by Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant, Shiela Pialago.

Shiela Pialago is a Digital Marketing VA from the Philippines, mostly serving the healthcare and tech industries, for the last 10 years. Shiela is also host of virtual career-focused show, The Rockstar VA Podcast, which aims to help Virtual Assistants, freelancers and business owners, by addressing concerns on professional rapport and providing real-time, real-life insights on the ever-changing dynamics of online communications.  With it, she shares tips that help internet-based connections and relationships, to achieve longevity and stability.

During this episode that forms part of our VA Diaries series, where we dig into the careers of Virtual Assistants who have made the transition from employed, business support roles to the heady heights of self-employment as a VA and explore how they found themselves in the online space, Cydelle and Shiela discuss all things remote working and virtual business support.

Shiela shares how she got started as a Virtual Assistant, how her career has developed over the last decade and why she is so passionate about the virtual business support industry.


What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why your professional title can differ depending on your audience
  • The importance of working in your Zone of Genius to bring out the best for your clients
  • How to use professional development to stand out from the crowd
  • What going the extra mile with existing clients can do to help to grow your client base
  • Why communicating your value and rates should not be tied to your self worth

Season 2 of Shiela's podcast, The Rockstar VA Podcast, is currently streaming on Spotify. Tune in now and listen back to Cydelle’s episode that was broadcast in 2021. 

Connect with Sheila on her Website, on IG @ShielaPialago or on LinkedIn

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