This episode, Cydelle is joined by Virtual Assistant & Founder of The VA Lounge, Hayley Hudson.

Hayley launched her VA business at the height of the pandemic and has spent the last 2 years building a sustainable offering that kicks entrepreneurs into productivity, in a proactive, dynamic way. Loving every minute of being part of the VA industry, Hayley is a keen advocate that one-size does not fit all, and she’s enjoying trailblazing the virtual world, on her own terms. January 2021 saw her launch The VA Lounge, a supportive, collaborative network that steers fellow VAs and business owners on a similar path. 

Cydelle and Hayley discuss the options available for VAs when it comes to growth and how a sustainable business is the key to creating the lifestyle that you really want.


What you will learn in this episode:

  • The best ways to transition from employee, to self employed Virtual Assistant
  • Why it’s necessary to do a little homework before becoming a VA and what to avoid
  • How networking and collaboration over competition with other Virtual Assistants is a great way to build your knowledge, reputation and client base
  • How learning new technology can help you to determine your niche


This episode forms part of our VA Diaries series, where we dig into the careers of Virtual Assistants who have made the transition from employed business support roles, to the heady heights of self-employment as a VA, and explore how they found themselves in the online space.

Connect with Hayley on her Website, on IG, on LinkedIn or on Facebook

Find out more about Hayley’s group The VA Lounge

Hayley is hosting The Big VA Meet-up on Thursday 24th March. Find out more via Hayley’s social media channels

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