This week, Cydelle welcomes a guest from across the pond.

Summer Burnely, an Attorney & Business Strategist, joins us to talk about how she helps entrepreneurs protect their brand assets through business planning and US trademark law.

Starting a business is time consuming with so many moving parts to consider. This episode really gives emerging and aspiring VAs food for thought on how to keep their brand and assets safe online, for both clients and themselves. 

Now running her own virtual boutique law firm, Summer gives us the lowdown on what important steps VAs should take in order to protect their businesses. There are lots of gems here for sure!


What you will learn in this episode:

  • How having ideal clients can help you to grow your own knowledge
  • Why running your own business is more than just knowing the trade
  • The importance of a foundational blueprint with systemisation, for business growth
  • How realistic expectations can assist you in growing your business
  • Why the mindset of taking on any job just for money, can affect attracting your ideal clients


For a complimentary coffee and chat with Summer about the services that her boutique law firm can offer you, grab a spot in her diary here

Connect with Summer on IG @Burnleylaw or Facebook

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